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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long does it take for a valet?

A: We have two professional valeters per van, the duration of Valets depends on a number of things such as the vehicles condition, however a rough average time is approx 90m for a full valet, 60m for an Interior Valet, 60m for an Exterior Valet & up to 3hrs for our Revive Your Drive valet

Q: Do You provide a Mini Valet Service

A: No sorry the most basic valet we have is our Standard Full Valet 

Q: Do you take credit cards or card payments

A: Yes we do we take Credit or Debit card payments, Paypal or Cash

Q: How long after my valet can I drive the vehicle

A: This depends on the type of valet, if you have booked for a Interior Shampoo to fabric seats then approx 1 hour although we can provide you with seat covers if needed, mould removal 4 hours & paint removal 3 hours.

Q: Is the glove box and boot included 

A: Yes if the glove box and boot are empty they will be included 

Q: Why does the glove box and boot have to be empty

A: Company policy is that we do not go through personal belonging as we will not accept any liability for any lost or water damaged goods, we feel it is better that any valuables or personal belongings are removed prior to the valet commencing.

Q: If I don't feel comfortable do I have to give your valeters my car keys

A: No its your choice, however in order to move electric seats and pull windows down to clean the ridge it is advised, please note all of our team are all enhanced CRB checked as standard as we work daily with cars in excess of £60-£70k and have done for the past decade.

Q: Where are you based

A: We are not based as such we are a Mobile Valeting Company, We cover from Wigan to Chester and all of the Wirral, we do have admin offices & filling stations in Southport, Birkdale, Liverpool, Wirral, Huyton & Chester. 

Q: How many vans do you have 

A: We currently have 8 vans out covering these areas

Q: Are you open 24hrs

A: yes we are.

Q: Why 24hrs

A: Normally for taxi drivers, nursing homes, paint spills, dealership promotion deadlines or any human accidents such as vomit or urine.

Q: If I book in for Southport who will come?

A: We have local valeters from all areas we cover and aim to get local lads to local areas

Q: Is Revive a Franchise?

A: No its a company founded & 100% owned by Paul Doolin

Q: Does the owner valet the cars?

A: Yes Paul has a hands on approach 

Q: How is your Revive Your Drive package so cheap 

when shopping around I see like for like it is £250-£400

A: There is no like for like, We are a valeting company and feel that having the best possible valet/detail package on the market is beneficial to our customers, having it at a price that cant be beaten anywhere by anyone is an achievement in its own right.

Q: How and When did this company start

A: Revive Mobile Car Valeting started on 28th Sep 2009, Paul worked as a Site Supervisor for a well know BMW Showroom in Liverpool City Centre, He decided to take things a little further and start Revive up.

Q: What experience did Paul have previous to Revive

A: Paul started out in 1995 at Bendale Motors in Liverpool, he was approached by the used car manager at Porsche Mann Island also in Liverpool, he then worked for Porsche for a couple of years before he went on to work for Mercedes, from Mercedes he then started a mobile Car Valeting company up with a business partner, He was then again Head hunted from that business by the Managing Director of BMW Liverpool and offered a Job as a Site Supervisor for BMW, a offer he couldn't refuse, 7 years later Paul started Revive Car Valeting.

Q; Do you Steam Clean engines

A: No, steam cleaning isn't recommended by Revive for engines as the steam then cools down and turns back into water and cant escape, this is a common cause for misted up head lights, we do get a lot of calls from customers who have been advised to do this by mechanics to check for oil leaks, we know this is mis-information as they don't know the valeting industry, remember Mechanics fix and repair cars, we valet & detail. Our engine & under bonnet restore service is done manually for obvious reasons and if booking a engine clean be sure the company who your booking with are professionals & fully insured as this can cause major damage to vehicles if done incorrectly. 

Q: Can you wax a scratch off my car

A: No again Mis-information you cant wax a scratch from a car its impossible, a wax adds a layer to the paint a polish with a cut or a G3 rubbing compound removes a microscopical layer to remove the scratch or blemish.

If you have any questions please send it to us and we will answer you on this page ASAP or if in a hurry please call, text or whats app us on 07827 533 906 lines are manned 24/7

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